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Things are busy at XGen as Motherload...

May 28, 2004

Things are busy at XGen as Motherload approaches the initial testing and play balancing phases. There is still a fair bit of work to be done, however the majority of our team has already become thoroughly addicted. Keep your eyes peeled for more news.

If you find the appearance of this page...

April 26, 2004

If you find the appearance of this page grainy or distorted, set the quality to HIGH in the options control panel, below.
The frontpage has also been updated to recall your preferences each time you visit

The server transition is now completed,...

April 5, 2004

The server transition is now completed, and everything appears to be running smoothly.

If you notice any glitches, please send us an E-mail.

We're right in the middle of moving XGen...

March 30, 2004

We're right in the middle of moving XGen to completely new servers. Everything seems to be going smoothly so far, but you may notice the occasional glitch while DNS changes propagate.

The benefit of all this is that we'll be able to bring much more XGen content to many more people than before. Everything should be faster and more reliable.

Things had been going pretty well at the...

March 22, 2004

Things had been going pretty well at the manic twang rock party center that was xgenstudios. Skye and I were getting along better than Stalin and Tom Selleck at a moustache party. Then one little thing goes wrong, I made one little mistake. One night I invite a few impoverished Siberian coal miners over for a hearty round of blindfolded pudding covered pig-wrasslin'. One thing leads to another, then Guntok accidentally leaves one of his jumbo sized severed gangrene tapioca covered feet on Skye�s bed and all of a sudden Skye is angry at me. Where�s the justice? Things were more tense than my back after last months all night mambo marathon. Xgenstudios suddenly wasn�t the 'hip hop hooray hay' home it had been. Everywhere you went it was like walking on egg shells, which has been the case ever since I traded our refrigerator to that creepy old farmer for a dozen pregnant condors, who quickly proceeded to turn the studios in their 'natural' habitat. Finally Skye came clean.

"Neil", he said.

"Lately you have been driving me crazy"

"How crazy?" I asked sheepishly.

"How crazy? HOW CRAZY!?!?! Crazier than that time we were walking downtown and that homeless man kept shouting 'Jesus is my spinach and Santa Claus is my macaroni' over and over while eating his own beard and pouring cheese sauce down his 'Winnie the Pooh' sweat pants, that�s how crazy!!!!!!" Skye seemed mad. I suggested we take some time apart. Skye agreed to take off to Vancouver or 'the couv' for a week. He handed me the keys to the studios packed his bag and was gone. For the next seven days I would be in charge of XGEN. Tune in next time to see what happened.

FAQ's for Fishy and Copper have been...

March 19, 2004

FAQ's for Fishy and Copper have been added to the 'game help, FAQ, and information directory' which is now linked from this page (directly beside the 'Games' header).

We will be redesigning the individual game pages in the coming weeks to include additional game information, tips, and instructions, and to reflect the new V2 feel.

We did some work on the website last...

March 11, 2004

We did some work on the website last night to improve compatibility for Mozilla/Firefox users. Please send us an E-mail if you have any further problems. Include a screenshot of the problem if possible.

Mind Reading in the courtroom! This...

March 10, 2004

Mind Reading in the courtroom! This could be the technology I've been waiting for. Finally, I can prove my innocence in the infamous "bookbag murders" of 1958.

Also, progress is being made on all fronts, so don't worry, work is being done, and done well.

Hey there gang, my name is Neil and I...

March 2, 2004

Hey there gang, my name is Neil and I have a very important, special, unique, special connection to XGenStudios. That's right, I am Skye's very own roommate and for the next little while I will be writing little posts about just what goes on in the day to day lives of those of us fortunate enough to actually be living in this wicked rad jam station, known to many of you as XGenStudios. Now I know what you all must be saying to yourselves right now "Holy sweet hippo crap, I would eat the legs off of a living rabid cheetah and make a little tent out of the bones while banging my head against the wall to the beat of some intense Hungarian heavy sex metal for the chance to even look at XGenStudios from the inside, how the heck did you score that sweet mother?". Well it was actually quite simple, all I did was adhere to the following three steps.

Step 1. Begging: The first thing I did was dress up like a little girl and sit at the front door of the house and beg like a sniveling little baby until Skye got fed up and let me enter the house.

Step 2. Cooking: Once inside I offered to make Skye a wonderful meal he simply couldn't resist. My grandmothers favorite recipe "Double Wiener Whammy" which pretty much consists of two hot-dogs, floating in a gravy of chicken soup, garnished with a single nacho and spiced with salt, pepper and a wonderful mango chutney. Sufficed to say once Skye finished this macho meal he was all tuckered out and ready for bed, which brings me to Step 3.

Step 3. Cuddling: Not everyone knows this, and I am more than definitely sure Skye doesn't want me to tell you this, but he is a sucker for a good cuddlin'. He got into his cute little pajamas adorned with little pictures of superman flying away from some sort of exploding zucchini type object and I got into my man-jamas, which pretty much consists of the deadly thick foliage that is my chest/back/thorax hair, and I cuddled that little tyke to sleep gingerly in a manly 'gorilla meet alligator' sort of way, all the while caressing his soft hair and singing tenderly the majority of Bachman Turner Overdrive's 'Four Wheel Drive' album. From there I was 'In'.

So there you have it, going by this easy to follow step-by-step program anyone can come and live at the place where it all happens, the headquarters of XGenStudios.

See you all spoon!

My first news post - woohoo! ...

February 24, 2004

My first news post - woohoo!

Did some work last night & this morning on the XGen news posting functionality (what you're looking at right now). Bugfixes mainly, but there are a couple "feature enhancements" in the works.

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