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Defend Your Castle iPhone has gone...

September 13, 2017

Defend Your Castle iPhone has gone free-to-play!

It's my pleasure to share with all of you that we've updated Defend Your Castle iPhone with support for the latest operating system & devices, and furthermore that we've decided to re-release this mobile classic as a free download.

If you've got an Apple device, go grab the game and let us know what you think!

We are so excited to announce that The...

September 8, 2017

We are so excited to announce that The Low Road won Best Character Design at the Game Design Awards in Dundee UK!

When we set out to create this point and click adventure we knew that the characters would play a huge role in the players' engagement with the narrative. Their personalities came together through a combination of so many skills: the digitally painted figures, witty dialogue, stellar voice acting, and the quirky way in which they moved!

Thank you so much to everyone that has played, shared, reviewed, and streamed The Low Road! You're the best!

- The XGen Team


September 1, 2017


Competitive seasons for Stick Arena and Boxhead Bounty Hunter are here! Season 1 starts TODAY and will go until the end of November, with a new season starting every 3 months.

Stick Arena Dimensions and Boxhead Bounty Hunter have been two of our biggest and most played web games developed by the XGen team. It’s been amazing to see that there is a dedicated community still very interested in seeing these games thrive. 

Today we did a full reset of the stats for both Boxhead Bounty Hunter and Stick Arena Dimensions. We have a fresh slate on the Season 1 High Score Table for you to climb the charts once again, but don’t worry about your old stats, we’ve saved your Legacy Scores for you to view and search.

Do you think you can chart in the top 100?? There’s plenty of prizes for you to win, so jump into the lobby and start racking up those kills and bounty points!

As a note, cheaters will be removed from the high score table without warning.

- Scott (and the XGen Team)

The Low Road is now available on the Mac...

August 16, 2017

The Low Road is now available on the Mac App Store! In addition to Steam, we’re excited to add the Mac App Store as another way of getting your hands on our darkly comedic point and click adventure game! Mac App Store

XGen Studios will be showing The Low Road at Play NYC this weekend! If your in the area, stop by and say hello! Also, make sure to check out a presentation by our writer, Leif Oleson-Cormack, entitled: ”Intentionally Funny: Crafting Comedic Moments in an Interactive Medium”. More details at

Hey XGen Fans! The Low Road has...

July 26, 2017

Hey XGen Fans! The Low Road has officially launched on steam today! It has been 3.5 years in the making and as many of you know, it has been a real journey for the XGen team. We are incredibly excited and proud of what we are delivering to you, our video game fans, and hope you will enjoy this latest XGen product as much as you have shown us your support for our others in the past.

The steam page is here: Steam - The Low Road

And we'll also leave you with this sweet music trailer:

The official trailer is out for The Low...

July 19, 2017

The official trailer is out for The Low Road which releases in just one week!

Stayed tuned for more news and teasers.

We’re going to Casual Connect! We are...

July 10, 2017

We’re going to Casual Connect! We are very excited to announce that XGen Studios will be one of the developers competing with The Low Road for the Indie Prize at Casual Connect in Seattle August 1-3, 2017. We would also like to thank Full Indie Vancouver for selecting The Low Road as demo of the night and giving us this opportunity to go to Casual Connect.

If you’re attending Casual Connect please come visit us; we might be giving away some sweet magnets! Don’t forget to add The Low Road to your Steam Wishlist to get notified when the game launches on July 26, 2017.

The Low Road's official release date is...

June 30, 2017

The Low Road's official release date is July 26th, 2017 and will officially launch on Steam ! The game is done and ready to go however we are just in the final polish stages and are super excited by how XGen’s first point-and-click adventure and brand new IP has come together. As many of you know when Skye passed away the XGen Studios team came together to support each other with a renewed vigour and passion. We have placed some Skye and few XGen easter eggs throughout the game and are excited to see what you guys our loyal fans think of them!
For now, I leave you with this new story trailer The Low Road - Story Trailer

Thank you XGen Fans for your continued support always.

XGen has been very busy the past month...

May 27, 2017

XGen has been very busy the past month putting some extra time into polishing The Low Road. This includes making sure that all 32000+ words of dialogue are fully voiced over. We also have some really exciting news about a few competitions we are involved in.

Last week in Vancouver we were so excited to show off The Low Road at Full Indie! Thank you to everyone who dropped by our table to chat an demo the game! Over 200 people showed up and it looked like there were around 20 indie developers showing off games they've been working on. We won an award that night! Full Indie partnered with Indie Prize to offer an award, giving us the ability to show The Low Road at Casual Connect in Seattle in August!

And last but not least... we need your help with some votes! Check out this video we made about XGen for our submission to a prize that is celebrates Canadians for Canada's 150th birthday! Head on over to this link to check out our submission and to see what other Albertans are up to: XGen Studios - Canada150in150

Talk to you soon!

Fans of Stick RPG and Stick RPG 2...

March 31, 2017

Fans of Stick RPG and Stick RPG 2 Rejoice! There’s a new Stick game in town: Stick P&C 1.

“Set in the the two dimensional 1970s automobile world, "Stick P&C 1” is a point-and-click graphic adventure which follows a team of corporate spies dedicated to the protection (and appropriation) of game-changing industry secrets. Sporting a familiar visual style inspired by Stick RPG and Stick RPG 2 and a pulsating experimental score, “Stick P&C 1“ will captivate players though intricate puzzles, branching moral dilemmas, and a quirky cast of memorable stick people.”

Click the banner in the carousel above to get the full story!

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