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What is Director's Cut?
I thought Stick RPG 2 was going to be free?
Relax, Stick RPG 2 is free.
This is a "developers need to eat too" Director's Cut edition of the game, enhanced for the hardcore Stick RPG fans out there.
And you can get it right now! We're also throwing in some pretty cool extra features!
Buy Now - $19.95
If you decide to take the plunge now, we'll toss you a 1-Month Stick Arena Lab Pass! Sweet!
We'll even pimp out your Stick Arena character with a blue head!
Now everyone will know your love for Stick RPG while you melt their faces with your flamethrower!
Stick RPG 2 Director's Cut is a downloadable game. You can play on- or offline in fullscreen (Windows version only) with no annoying ads, listen to the awesome soundtrack in high quality, get free exclusive updates, and use cheats.
Plus you'll get the XGen Classic Collection version of the original Stick RPG -- the one with a bunch of new minigames and other stuff you've never seen before!
We know you've been waiting 7 years, you've moved away for college, graduated, and have a real job now! Now you have no excuse not to show your support for Stick RPG and indie games, so that we'll still be around in another 7 years for a sequel!
Maybe you're a new fan? Nice to meet you! If you've played other XGen stuff, you should know that when it comes to making great games we don't mess around. Stick RPG 2 Director's Cut is pretty sweet, no foolin'!
Buy Now - $19.95
* Stick RPG 2 Director's Cut is available on PC & Mac.