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On the surface, Chicken Jockey seems simple enough; You play an out-of-luck blackjack junkie who has had enough of the casino scene. You turn to a life in the suburbs after being tipped off about a league that runs gambling events. These events involve chickens that are raised to compete against each other in races and cockfights.

Chicken Jockey offers enriching and rewarding gameplay. You start out placing bets on races and cockfights. When you make enough cash, you can begin purchasing your own chickens which you raise yourself and enter them into events to control your cash flow. Pass on your chickens' genes through many generations and ensure a profitable future. Employ a handful of different money making strategies and raise your reputation as high as you can.

In Chicken Jockey, the story is what you make it, and different each time you play. A truly unique strategic experience.

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Single Player
Platforms: PC & Mac

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