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Motherload Goldium

Navigate the dangers of Martian soil, complete with hidden gas pockets, earthquakes, and other surprises. Purchase powerful upgrades for your Mining Pod with the fruits of your labor. Compare high scores with friends to see who the champion really is. When you've finished the game, challenge more difficult gameplay modes.
Released: September 29, 2004
Genre: Digging Adventure, RPG, Casual, Arcade
Single Player

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  • More Upgrades - Build the ultimate digging machine
  • Challenge Mode - Even more challenge
  • Improved graphics and music - Play in fullscreen and listen to the expanded soundtrack
  • Play and save offline - Play and save anywhere, without an internet connection. Or, save your games to the cloud.


1. How do I refill my Fuel Tank?

Fuel costs $1 per liter, and can be purchased at the Fuel Station.

2. What are MINERALS and what do I do with them?

There are many riches to be had in the soil of mars, from precious ores to priceless crystals.

Quick guide:

These minerals are arranged from least to most valuable. If you get too loaded up on minerals, you can always jettison those of less worth to get the expensive stuff to the surface by opening your inventory and clicking on the minerals you want to get rid of. Note that once a mineral is jettisoned, it is lost for good. While on the surface, you can sell off your minerals at the mineral processing plant.

The money obtained from minerals is the key to making your digging machine more versatile and useful, giving it what it takes to reach the Motherload.

3. UPGRADES - How and where do I get them?

On Mars, the Junk store is the only place to purchase upgrades, but at least you don't have to worry abut shopping around. All prices are final, as stock must be teleported in at a premium, due to trade sanctions on the outer planets. Every upgrade serves a purpose, even the humble radiator. Remember: Deep underground things can get REALLY hot.

4. What are ITEMS and how do I use them

Items enhance your mining productivity and protect your AATV.

“Where do I purchase items?”

You can purchase items, and repair damage, at the Item/Repair shop!

In order of cost, the useable items are:

($2,000) Reserve Fuel Tank: 25 litres of fuel compressed into a small disposable tank, which is completely biodegradeable and easy to use. (Fill 'er up with the “F” key.)

($2,000) Dynamite: Scientifically reffered to as Trinitrotoluene, a crystalline explosive made into a liquid and soaked into either clay or sawdust to create a shelf-stable expolosive. Safe to transport and use, a stick of dynamite will shatter the earth around you, clearing the way for mining or movement. Even rocks can't withstand the explosive force of Dynamite.

Dynamite allows you to blow rocks to smithereens and get at the precious minerals. (To deploy a stick of dynamite, press the “X” key.)

($5,000) Plastic Explosives: Much more powerful than dynamite, plastic explosives blow through a greater area and are extremely useful for clearing rocks and suspect natural gas pockets.

That isn't the only thing explosives are good for, though you'll have to discover the rest on your own. (Press "C" in game to use your plastic explosives - Be careful!)

($5,000) Quantum Teleporter: This device takes a quick imprint of your current velocity and quantum state, and tosses you at the surface with little regard to safety. More often than not, it causes hull damage because you end up slamming into the ground. ("Q" to beam you up)

($7,500) Hull Repair Nanites: These injector chips release a swarm of microscopic robots into the spaces between your pod's outer hull and chassis, where they repair and reform broken or damaged devices and armour plating. (Press "R" in-game to inject Nanites)

($10,000) Matter Transmitter: This device uses quantum entanglement to accurately store and transmit the velocity of each of the particle in your pod (and your body!), then safely and accurately transports you to the surface. In layman's terms, it's a teleportation device that doesn't hurt you and doesn't fling you around. (Press "M" to key in the transport sequence.)

5. My vehicle is DAMAGED - what do I do?

You can visit the Items/Repair to make repairs to your hull, or use Hull Repair Nanites (Press "R"in-game to engage them). These tiny machines allow you to repair when you're far below the surface, without expending fuel and time returning to the surface.